Scalable Solutions for All Mediums

I can help!

Do you need a branding boost? Consistency in your visual identity is crucial to communicating with your audience. Let’s build your brand with a strong foundation of color theory, typography, and beautiful design. I’m comfortable working within existing style guides or developing new ones. And I specialize in scalability: designs that work for every medium, from the smallest phone screen to the largest billboard.

Does your current website leave something to be desired? I can update your existing site or create something brand new. From the beginning phases of user interface design to final front-end coding, I can do it all. Most importantly, my websites are completely responsive for viewing on devices of all sizes. While we’re at it, let’s evaluate your content and navigation and incorporate the principles of information architecture to present clear messaging to your audience.

Do you want to make something real? I love to help clients manifest their ideas as realities. I can create brochures, business cards, stickers, posters, buttons, mailers, greeting cards… if you can imagine it I actualize your vision. And I can produce clean vector art for use in engravings and merchandise printing.

Do you need a professional and consistent electronic communications strategy? I can code responsive email templates for services like MailChimp and WhatCounts and help you integrate them into your communications strategy.

Are you overwhelmed by social media? I can help you create engaging campaigns and reach new markets. I can even take over your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account and manage your campaign hands on.

Why PenceLdesign?

Iโ€™m fast. I’m adept at quickly assessing clients’ needs and proposing solutions. Decades of practice with Adobe Creative software allow me efficiencies that evade many designers. I even offer rush service for an additional hourly fee.

I’m budget-conscious. As a small business owner, I understand the importance of keeping costs low and investing in the right marketing opportunities. I create budgets and stick to them. I even sell my own time in discounted blocks. Best of all, your first round of revisions on a project is always free.

I’m collaborative. I love to work with other creatives, from back-end web developers to copywriters to photographers, and can easily fit the role of team member or team leader. Take a look below at some of my recent projects to see the variety of my teams’ configurations.

I’m environmentally conscious. I look for sustainable solutions and can help you move from from print to digital communications where appropriate. I can create recyclable print pieces out of recycled materials, and prefer to work with local vendors and use water-based inks.

I’m unique. My creative visual approaches will help you stand out in a sea of cookie cutter websites and boring brochures. Keep reading to learn a little more about the PenceL aesthetic.

Style & Substance

My personal style infuses my work philosophy, balancing a bold and bright aesthetic with a clean, minimal design approach. Think playful, yet consummately professional. I’m a warrior for white space, even when it’s green!

I love vintage clothes and design history. Instead of chasing trends, I build on my fine arts background. A bachelor’s in Visual Communications gave me the knowledge of design theory and techniques needed to communicate through any medium in any era. My master’s in Library and Information Science taught me the foundations of information architecture and coding.

I’ve also learned from some incredibly talented designers, including Edward Tufte who inspired the visualization of information in the Petrarchive project and Stefan Sagmeister who encouraged me to branch out with my own design company.

The experience of years has taught me that solid brand building creates a complete system for any business or institution to wield as a powerful tool. I’ve also learned that good branding is about storytelling, and good design is about visualizing information.

Read more about my digital services here, or click here for details about my print design services.

Recent work

Click an image to look inside the creative process for these recent projects:

digital exhibit branding design
Globalization exhibit branding & design
creative director graphic web design
Creative direction for The Media School
aerialogy branding web design graphic design
Aerialogy brand makeover