Design Roles

  • Designer
  • Illustrator

The process

Launched with funds from a New Frontiers Start-up Grant in 2013, the Petrarchive project is a rich text, interactive edition of Petrarch’s Rerum vulgarium fragmenta, an icon of western literature. Wayne Storey and John Walsh led the team that created 366 visual-textual prototypes based on Storey’s new edition of the work. The prototypes consist of:

  • TEI-encoded documents for rendering both diplomatic transcriptions and edited views of the text
  • Web-based presentations implemented with the TEI Boilerplate system
  • Scanned images for Vat. Lat. 3195
  • A visual index to the text


Developed logo designs and began diagramming elements of Petrarch’s songbook

2Information visualization

Refined visualization Petrarch’s poetic elements to a set of vector graphics

3Color palette and type designs

Designed a look and feel for the visual index

4Illustration and page layout

Executed all 366 page layouts using the base elements created in step 2.


You can visit the Petrarchive here. Included is a visual index, or map, of Petrarch’s poems. This map provides wireframe representations of Petrarch’s layouts, categorizes those layouts, and links from diagrams to individual texts.

Project Details


  • H. Wayne Storey
  • John A. Walsh
  • Isabella Magni
  • Grace Thomas
  • Allison M. McCormack
  • Laura Pence

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. | Funding and support provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Indiana University-Bloomington. | Powered by TEI Boilerplate.